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The order dismisses the idea. (Korolev)
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Education - not an easy task for the students and for their teachers. To educate good people and professionals need a lot of effort.

We offer a database of more than a thousand presentations of educational subjects received from our visitors, including experienced teachers and their students. Hopefully, this will help make the learning process more interesting, varied and exciting.

Of course, the presentation can not put all the information, it is the so-called "key" to the development of the material. Therefore, after reviewing it also encourage you to take advantage of additional literature.

You can also become part of this project. Send us your work, comment, offer ideas. Each of your actions on this website will give a boost to improve for us to search for new ideas and good deeds.

Introduction. What is a presentation?
Уроки PowerPoint

Presentation - a form of submission of information as by a variety of means, and without them. Typically, presented new projects, products, services, ideas, etc. Overall objectives presentation - make it an object interested audience. For this is the scenario presentation, under which selected: computer graphics, visuals, handouts, color and sound effects and other means.

Presentation "Double stars"
Презентації з астрономії


Дана презентація призначена для проведення мультимедійного уроку з астрономії. В ній міститься інформація про види, компоненти подвійних зір

Кількість слайдів - 12.

Presentation "World War II"
Презентації з всесвітньої історії


Дана презентація чудово підійде для проведення мультимедійного уроку з всесвітньої історії. В ній міститься інформація про причини, учасників, періодизацію, характер другої світової війни.

Кількість слайдів - 8.

Presentation of the "United Kingdom"
Презентації з географії

Велика Британія

This presentation is designed for multimedia lesson on geography. It contains information about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Slide number - 26.

Presentation of the "Culture of Kievan Rus'
Presentation on history of Ukraine


This presentation is designed for multimedia lesson on the history of Ukraine. It contains information about the culture of Kievan Rus.

Slide number - 24.

Presentation "Taras Shevchenko"
Презентації з української літератури

Taras Shevchenko

This presentation is perfect for multimedia lesson of Ukrainian literature . Contains information about the life and career of Taras Shevchenko .

Slide number - 25.


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